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I can still remember my first camera phone. The pictures were terrible, but I was so enthralled about not having to lug around a separate camera bag that it didn’t matter. Back then, the camera software was remedial, and photo editing non-existent and why would anyone need an accessory for that lousy phone camera? Well, that’s all changed now. Camera and phone now go hand in hand. Some of the cameras on today’s cell phones can legitimately be called enthusiast’s cameras. So of course there are accessories to go along with your camera phone. We will go over some of the must have accessories for your mobile phone camera.


You’ve seen photographers with their collection of separate lenses for their dSLR cameras. Now cell phone camera users can have additional lenses. Some of the more popular vendors are Olloclip and Photojojo, but you can order generic brand ones from from as low as $8.99 for a set of three lenses sometimes on Groupon.com.

groupon_lensesAt the time of this writing, Groupon had a set of three lenses with lens caps, lanyards, carrying bag and lint-free cloth for $8.99. These lenses attach to your phone via a magnet ring so this set will fit a variety of cell phones. The included lenses were wide-angle, a macro lens and a fish-eye lens. Regular price is $49. I can’t vouch for the quality, but for less than ten dollars, you can hardly go wrong and they are perfect for the novice cell phone photographer.

photojojoPhotojojo boasts pro-quality lenses that fit on most any cell phone. These lenses attach in a similar fashion to the generic lenses on Groupon. They come with a magnetic ring that sticks to your phone with an adhesive. The various lenses easily clip on and off the magnetic ring. They have five different lenses – fish-eye, super fish-eye, telephoto, wide-angle, macro and polarizing. Photojojo offers a set of all 5 lenses and a carrying case for $99.


olloclipAnother popular lens manufacturer is Olloclip. Their lenses may be purchased at their website or locally at Best Buy if you have one nearby. Olloclip has a variety of different lenses that are fitted for specific phones and come in different color casings. Pricing varies from $69 to $119, for a variety of lenses including 4-in-1, Active Lens, Telephoto+Wide-Angle+CPL lens, Telephoto+CPL and Macro 3 in 1. They currently have a Kickstarter project for an upcoming product called ‘Studio – The Complete Mobile Photography Solution’.

Whichever lens you choose, you’ll be glad you invested in additional capabilities for your phone camera. Whether your focus is action filming, still photography, selfies, product images for your online store, or anything you can dream up, an externally mounted lens will enhance your photos and make photography more satisfying.


July 9th, 2015

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